Get Woody @ The Oscars

“He who chases two rabbits catches neither.”
Join us as we narrow our focus onto hollywoods -superlative here- night!
Let there be no doubt that we will:
Have the Oscars projected on the big wooden wall with sound for a double sensory treat.
Offer our insanely good dinner and snack menu from Tchoup Shop – recent winner of Jimmy’s No. 43 coveted peoples choice award for it’s duck, andouille and okra gumbo.
Be slanging drinks with our non-shaky hand some of which will be discounted in honor of the big night – go Silver Linings Playbook…
Have our usual panoply of bottled alchoholic delights back-lit, beautiful and sitting on our reclaimed wooden shelves like benched athletes eager to get in the game.
Employ ‘Lady-Boss Kiki’ and ‘Gorgeous Gabe’ to wrap their fingers around and pull one of our 14 draft beer handles and release its delicious elixir into a real 16oz pint glass.
Encourage and engage in Oscar drinking games – one example being shots of -blank- proffered each time the camera cuts to George Clooney.
In short, join us for an evening of movies, magic and many, many, red carpet “so excited to be here” s…



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